Design Options

Our pools can be built to work in nearly every situation - even if you have limited space, sloping landscapes, or other considerations existing on your property. The size and shape possibilities are virtually endless so your pool can be designed to complement your taste and fit with your properties unique characteristics.
Knight Pools can incorporate interesting curves, angles and surfaces - creating a dramatic focal point for your backyard. We offer many different design options - enhancing the beauty as well as the functionality of your new pool:

- Comfortable Built-in Seating
- Custom built steps or walkouts
- Custom Decking, Tile & Coping: including concrete, pavers, natural stone tile, granite, quartz.
- Water Features
- Colored or Custom Textured Surfaces
- Underwater Lighting and Effects
- Natural Landscaping
- Diving Rocks
- Saltwater Pools
- Gas or Propane Heating Systems
- Energy Saving Heat Pumps


At Knight Pools, you are not limited to "available designs" or charged extra for special designs.  We use steel wall vinyl liner pools, built from the finest of materials with precision engineering. Using state of the art technology, our hand crafted pools are built here, in the United States exactly to your specification. Integrity of design and construction is what sets us apart from the competition, building a pool that will provide fun for the family for years and years to come..


Our pool bottoms are finished with vermiculite instead of the traditional sand bottom. What this gives you is a rigid but porous base that allows ground water to pass through it, unlike sand bottoms which will wash away leaving divots and trenches on the bottom of the pool. Vermiculite is unique in that it will expand and contract to temperature differences and will hold its true form from cracking or settling unevenly. The extra process is one more example of the quality of workmanship you receive by choosing Knight Pools.


One of the key parts of the inground pool process is choosing a liner for you pool. The first thing you see when you look at the pool is the liner, the right choice will make your pool sparkle, add depth, or just relax your mind. Each liner comes with a 15 year warranty and with over 2 dozen patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will look beautiful in your yard.


Looking for something sophisticated AND impressive? Tranquil and calm? Water features can set the mood and tone for any entertainment needs. Waterfalls, fountains, lighting, and spillover spas are just some of the ideas for enhancing your inground pool and creating the perfect backyard oasis.

- Diving Rocks
- Sheer water features
- Waterfalls
- Water Fountains
- Connecting Spa
- Spillover Spa
- Underwater Lighting
- Decorative Features

Instead of just a pool in your backyard - you can have a tropical oasis or mountain lagoon - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Whether you want concrete, pavers, tile or natural stone - our design specialist can work with you to develop decking, walkways or complete landscaping options if you desire.


Pool equipment used in our pools can range from superior quality to total automation depending on your needs. We offer options such as heaters, heat pumps, saltwater systems, automated control systems and more.

Landscaping & Hardscaping

Knight Pools can provide a full range of landscaping/hardscaping options to complement your new pool. One of our Pool specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have and/or schedule a no-obligation in home consultation.

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